Sprouted Almond Butter (300g)

  • Simply almonds. Unlike other brands, we don't just stop at the soaking process. We go all the way - this means removing rancid, mouldy and "dead" nuts by hand. This leaves behind a smooth and naturally sweet almond taste that does not require any added sugars or salt to cover up its natural goodness.

  • Almond butter is a great supplement to any meal that you might otherwise use a nut butter for. Almond Butter in particular is high in vitamin E, Calcium, and polyunsaturated fats. Also, since we have sprouted the almonds before making the nut butter, we have been able to remove the enzyme that prevents full absorption of the almond's nutrients.


    • Soaked, sprouted and then stoneground, our Sprouted Almond Butter is great as a dip, spread or even on its own. On occasion it can also be used to make savoury sauces.



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