Crystal Energized Alkaline Water ~ LOVE ~

  • Based on Dr. Emoto's scientific studies on the effect of consciousness on the crystalline structure of water, our A.B.S Crystal Waters have been activated with natural crystals from Brazil. This bottle has been charged with LOVE.

  • Each bottle contains:

    • Alkalized drinking water
    • Natural activated Agate Rose Quartz Healing Crystals
    • LOVE
    • Sacred prayers & Blessings

    Net volume : 300ml

  • All of our healing crystals have been cleansed in pure sea salt water, charged in natural sunlight for 3 days and cleansed with sacred herbs (white sage & frankincense) before being charged by a large Master Crystal Quartz point. 

    Our crystals have also been cleansed in natural springs & waterfalls. Our processes are all activated and blessed by various spiritual masters & teachers. The activation Master Crystal has been super-charged in the holy waters of Tirta Empul, the sacred water temple in Bali. 

    Contact Calista at [email protected] if you have any further enquiries.

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