Rahul Kalra


As the banner already suggests, Rahul isn't your ordinary "Joe". In fact, he's so extraordinary, we just HAD to get him on our team the minute we heard what he's all about. 

From driving police cars to pick up girls and becoming a bus driver just to meet new people, Rahul has never taken the road most travelled. Instead, he likes to walk on the wild side. When the sun is up, you can find Rahul cycling his way to work. When the sun goes down however, you will find him at outdoor parks or beaches practising Acroyoga with friends or flexing his quiet strength at aerial arts studios (side note: Rahul's into pole fitness and hoops).

As a fitness, health and wellness enthusiast, Rahul pays close attention to his nutritional needs. An avid lover of "smart fuel", you will find Rahul browsing specialty shops just to keep himself up-to-date on the newest health food trends and trying them out just to see how they fare. Needless to say, he's a strong advocate and fan of Anything But Salads (we can't blame him for that now, can we?). 


Quietly charming . Fun . Unorthodox . Unconvetional . 


See his LinkedIn profilehttps://hk.linkedin.com/in/kalrarahul