- Love . Integrity . Honesty . Trust . Reciprocity -


As a conscious company highly driven on ethics and values, we have a corporate culture that respects love, integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability at all levels of our operations. You'll never hear a single cuss word, or destructive criticisms or comments. There isn't a drop of negativity in the company. In fact, we've been told our operations are more family than corporate.


We 've been told we're crazy. We agree - because only crazy people change the world. We walk into meetings and take the first few minutes to meditate together and connect heart-to-heart. We play mantras in the backgrounds all day in our food factory and also chant them while we work. All of our mixing bowls are personally inscribed by our team with mantras, positive words and sacred geometry. Charcoals filter our water while crystals supercharge them. Healing aromatherapy blends waft in the airs of our office and kitchens. We make sure that every part of our company and operations are infused with the Highest Frequencies for the Highest Good of All.


You can walk into our open kitchen and food factory any time and ask for our team members to walk you through and demonstrate our processes to you. We are currently applying for and awaiting our own organic certification and to alleviate concerns about "true organic", we have always been open to showing the organic certificates of our suppliers to those who wish to ascertain the origin of our products.


Most importantly, we recognise that we are one part of the Collective in service towards the Highest Good of All. That's why we love contributing back to society; whether it is through the food and products we make or via the other non-profit initiatives we have embarked and are currently embarking on.



Learn more about our non-profit initiatives and partnerships HERE.