Jonathan McClelland



We LOVE Jonathan. That is our understatement of the year.

A socially-driven, environmentally conscious and free spirited individual at heart, Jonathan is passionate about all things Mother Nature. A Nature enthusiast, he can be found kayaking down rivers and hiking along beautiful terrains back in USA. A globetrotter and an avid adventurer, Jonathan found his way to the Orient in a quest to diversify his appreciate of cultures and cultural diversity within a single state. And THAT, is how we met Jonathan - completely gingered up, coffee in one hand, a bowl of good Shanghainese noodles in the other and mirth all in one setting.

Boredom is the last thing you'll think about when Jonathan's around. Always ready with a good joke, laugh and weirdly hilarious antics, Jonathan is the light of every party and gathering (by this, we mean more than 1. Yes, he is THAT entertaining). A creative talent with a unique outlook at life, Jonathan contributes to the humour that you often find on our social media feeds (see @anythingbutsalads on Instagram). Otherwise, take him along with you to karaoke and watch him dole our country song choices while "Fish"-ing (sorry, inside joke).


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