Jesse Smith



An eclectic creative genius and serial entrepreneur, Jesse views the world with different eyes. That creative fire combined with a passionate drive to change the world, Jesse is a serial entrepreneur from Virginia, USA. He began his journey with Anything But Salads in 2015 as an intern while finishing his Masters in Global Marketing, and it was within seconds that we knew he was going to be a critically important member of our team.

Constantly on the lookout for the smart strategies and ideas, Jesse is talented in video editing, photography, sound mixing and design. One look at his extensive portfolio and CV and you will appreciate how uniquely balanced he is in both his left and right brain. Just a short conversation and insight into his work ethics and you will know, beyond any reasonable doubt, that he is a "unicorn".

Perhaps a modern day Picasso at heart, Jesse never tires of the creative - of seeing things from different angles, in different light with different lenses and filters. Once his beautiful mind latches onto a concept or idea, he immediately jumps into his seat as an inventor and creator - creating beautiful some things from nothing. His famous line when asked why he always stays up late into the night is, "Creatives never sleep". That pretty much sums up his fervour for the different and extraordinary.  When he's not in our office, he can always be found taking long walks by himself, taking in the sights of every day life and seeing the creative in the otherwise mundane humdrum of an ordinary city life. 

If you're curious about his programming skills (self-taught), ask him to show you his self-created mobile game based off the 2016 US Presidential Campaigns. His other projects include an online educational platform, a streetwear fashion label and videography.

To catch Jesse for a chat, all you need to do is tempt him with food. Good food. And... Maybe some dessert. 


Creative Genius . Serial Entrepreneur . Unconventional . Rebel . Fun . Respected .



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