Introduction Page

Introducing Anything But Salads...


One of life’s few consistencies is change. Over here at Anything But Salads, we have recently been going through a bit of a transition as well, and would like to bring you in on what’s going on.


Our customers are our number one priority, and you guys help guide the way we have grown as a company. As such, we can’t wait to share with you the new and improved (but still ever evolving) Anything But Salads... starting with the Logo.




You might have noticed that our logo has changed a little bit in the recent few weeks -- from the original “splat” you know to a more abstract one that now graces the pages of this website. We made this change to align our love of nature, art and food with the image of the company that we share with the world.


The new “splat” was created through an art exercise done with our team members, using our ingredients as the medium. In line with how we approach creating products, we wanted to create something unique and unconventional while keeping in mind quality and nourishment.




This past few years, we have constantly channeled our creativity into our products, and the ideas have only become more adventurous. To fuel this innovation and to meet popular demand, we have reopened the cafe in the past couple of months.


The cafe serves as a creative outlet for us to bring you our most unique and nutritious creations. Starting with our house-made Dehydrated Mushroom Fries to our Rainbow Dan Dan Noodles, we have done our best to pack every spoon full with both nutritious and delicious ingredients.




We continuously aim to inspire, maximize and awaken human potential through humility, gratitude and service. To spread and share in these virtues with the community, we have started to collaborate with a number of local businesses in a movement to move towards Zero Waste.


Through everything from recycling to upcycling, we want to contribute to the sustenance of the earth and it’s resources. Both as individuals and as a company, we are invested in maintaining the things we love about the world and improving it where we can.


We hold true to our commitment to service for the benefit of everyone and invite you to join us on this journey.