Calista Goh


With degrees in Psychology, Business and Law, formal training in pastry and a long career history as a restaurateur, paralegal, psychologist, professional dancer, graphics designer, writer, social worker and businesswoman, it is small wonder (to those who know her) that Calista would eventually find herself in entrepreneurship.

Born Singaporean; bred around the world (Hong Kong, China, USA, UK and Japan), Calista is a multi-faceted, multi-lingual individual with unique experiences and a diverse outlook on life. Since age 10, Calista has been deeply and intimately involved in various charitable and volunteer organizations - helping people with difficulties. At age 14, she designed the product packaging and collectible cards for a large instant noodle company in China. At age 15, she began working in the F&B industry in Singapore and was part of the founding team for Cafe Del Mar Singapore in early 2000. She started her first company, a restaurant, at 18, opened her second cafe at 20, dabbled in Law and Psychology for awhile before returning to her roots as an entrepreneur again at age 26, with Anything But Salads.

A wild-spirit at heart, Calista's laptop is her office. A cup of coffee, meditations and Anything But Salads' CACAO raw vegan chocolate bars are her constant pleasures. Her dog and colleagues make her laugh. The vast oceans, blue skies, starry nights and stoic mountains are her greatest sources of inspiration. Love is her being. Creativity is her blood. Change is her path.  

When she is not working on Anything But Salads, Calista runs a spiritual essentials company, Akashic Magic, offers spiritual guidance and healing, facilitates meditation classes around Hong Kong with Lululemon and is a certified Akashic Records Consultant and Teacher-in-Training under Journey to the Heart - an organization dedicated towards self-transformation, healing, empowerment and spiritual awakening. Calista also mentors young start ups entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and F&B businesses in Hong Kong.


Rationally optimistic . Creatively irrational . Spiritually inclined . World explorer . Wildcrafted . Rock n' roll chic . Rebel.



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