ABS x LIBERTY ASIA : Supporting Freedom from Slavery

ABS x LIBERTY ASIA : Supporting Freedom from Slavery

About Liberty Asia

Established in 2011, Liberty Asia is made up of a group of dedicated professionals from different industries who feel strongly that a more effective, coordinated response to slavery is essential and that leveraging technology available to the corporate sector and providing it to the NGO sector will facilitate this response.

Liberty Asia’s goal is to provide new solutions to change the way slavery and trafficking is addressed. Where possible, we will work with existing organisations to avoid duplication and to ensure resources are used efficiently.

Liberty Asia is a Hong Kong registered charitable organisation. Anything But Salads is a proud supporter and dedicated contributor to Liberty Asia's initiative.

What is Slavery

Slavery occurs when a person is tricked, sold or forced into a highly exploitative, work-related situation, with little or no payment, or few options to escape because of fraudulent debt or threats of violence.

Trafficking or slavery? Whats the difference?

Many forms of modern slavery involve human trafficking. ‘Human trafficking’ is commonly used to describe activities in which one person obtains or holds another in forced labour conditions – in other words, slavery. People are transported, sometimes forcibly but usually voluntarily, within their own country or across borders or continents, into situations where they are eventually enslaved. The victims end up performing degrading work under harsh conditions with little opportunity to leave. The outcome of human trafficking is generally a form of slavery. Not all exploitation is considered slavery. While a worker may be in a situation where they are being cheated out of overtime pay, paid less than is owed to them, or made to work excessive hours, if this person is free to leave this situation, this would not constitute a slavery case.

Our Contribution

Every time you purchase an Anything But Salads product, you will be supporting equality of human rights for all and make a stand for freedom from slavery.

1) Beginning July 2014, you will be able to see a prominent "freedom from slavery" sticker on all our products.
2) For every HK$1000 we receive from you, we will contribute a % to Liberty Asia. Hopefully, as our business grows, we can increase this amount exponentially.
3) For every purchase you make with us online, you will be given the choice to make a donation of HK$1 (or more) to Liberty Asia. On the last day of each month, ABS will collate all the monies received and write a cheque to Liberty Asia for the donations.
4) We will have Liberty Asia explanation kits and a donation box at our ABS retail shop and our booths when we show at pop-up markets, events, trade shows, exhibitions etc. Team ABS is well educated about Liberty Asia's initiative, so if you want, we can talk to you more about it too!

If you wish to make donations personally and/or understand Liberty Asia's initiative better, please come down to our ABS retail shop and our booths when we show at pop-up markets, events, trade shows, exhibitions etc. Team ABS is well-trained to answer your questions and elaborate how ABS is contributing to the fight for freedom from slavery.

What happens to my donations?

All monies will go to help Victim Communication & NGO Collaboration. Specifically, the funds raised could support:

1) Victim Crisis Centres - operational costs to ensure a stable, confidential infrastructure and qualified & trained multi-lingual case advisors are in place for the helplines (in Hong Kong and Thailand, first. Other regions to follow up) to be as efficient as possible in serving victims' needs- extensive call & system monitoring & training provided.

2) Outreach & Partnership Building - development of multi-lingual collateral to broaden the reach of disseminating the helpline information to the most vulnerable groups in Hong Kong & the Greater Mekong region AND building a trustworthy network of frontline responders to have thorough follow through of cases - this includes regular NGO visits, presentations, and standardised training of human trafficking indicators.

Slavery isn't someone else's problem...
It is something that we ALL must call care about.
Starting today, don't just eat well, eat right.
Together, let's make a stand against slavery.

Information presented here has been adopted and adapted from Liberty Asia. Find out more about the issue and help us educate more people about slavery and what can be done to prevent it. For more information, please visit http://libertyasia.org.