[22 May 2016] Mindful Wingchun Wellness Fair

by Calista Goh May 06, 2016

[22 May 2016] Mindful Wingchun Wellness Fair

Hong Kong’s 2016 Mindful Wingchun Health and Wellness Fair is the ‘go to’ place to discover the best of local nutritious, delicious and completely necessary wellness services and products.

We bring together an incredible line up of professionals from Rolfers, Yogi’s, specialist chefs, one stop detox shops and more.

There will be special discounts at the fair from many of Hong Kong’s well known, and should be more well know, wellness community business owners.

Join us free of charge for this annual event in May.


On Lan Centre
11-15 On Lan St,
Central. Hong Kong

TIME: 12pm -5pm

TEL: +852 6620 7050

Calista Goh
Calista Goh